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Top 4 Benefits of Adult Day Health Care Centers

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Top 4 Benefits of Adult Day Health Centers for Loved Ones or Clients with Dementia and Their Caregivers

What are the Benefits of an Adult Day Health Care Health Center?

Questions swarm to the idea of taking a client or family member with dementia to an Adult Day Health Care Center. Is an Adult Day Health Center the right fit? Is it safe? Will they have the ability to attend a day health center with their condition? As a caregiver, it can be hard to watch your loved one go through such difficult changes.  It can be even harder to admit you need some help. Juggling a personal life while taking care of a loved one can be a lot to manage. 

Fortunately, there are a great deal of benefits that come from Adult Day Health Centers. These programs specialize in seniors with cognitive disorders and impairments. Adult Day Health Centers offer an opportunity for participants to engage in social activities in a safe, supervised environment while also providing a chance for the caregiver to live the life that they need. 

1. Activity and Sociability

When faced with Alzheimers or any form of Dementia, avoiding all forms of social connection and activity will only cause a negative impact to your client or loved one. Attending an Adult Day Health Center provides a meaningful sense of purpose and excitement to get up in the morning, immersing them in human interaction and activity. Adult Day Health Centers understand that each of their participants is different, and to minimize any frustration or uproar of behavior, the program will host an array of activities adapted for each person and their specific abilities, maximizing enjoyment for everyone. The common activities that you will find at adult centers range from board and card games, movie viewings, arts and crafts, themed events, and holiday celebrations. Those that live with a memory disorder find it extremely overwhelming to stay at home alone all day. By having programs like these, it gives the patient an opportunity to interact with other people, eliminating that social isolation. The sociability and activity that an Adult Day Health Center provides can help in reducing the risk of increased memory loss, depression, loneliness, and fatigue for the participant.

2. Safety, Security and Behavior Management

Adult Day Health Centers are cognizant of the behaviors that those with dementia struggle with on a daily basis. These might include wandering, forgetfulness, hallucinations, and other potentially harmful behavioral symptoms. The centers recognize this and make sure to provide close supervision to ensure a safe community for all attendees every day. For ultimate safety, security features are typically placed throughout the center. In order for a participant to have their needs met in a timely manner, an Adult Day Health Center ensures individualized, person-centered staffing. Understanding that the participant is closely observed in a proper fashion provides the caregiver with a peace of mind. 

3. Medical Services

While searching for an adult day health program that is the perfect fit for you, it is essential to first understand the difference between an Adult Day Health Center and an Adult Day Health Care Center. People diagnosed with dementia will want to register for an Adult Day Health Center as these programs offer more comprehensive care for those that require specific medical and psychiatric supervision. It is a relief to know that health centers are staffed with skilled nurses experienced in dealing with chronic conditions and are able to address emergencies when necessary. Adult Day Health Centers provide all the medical services needed in one place from monitored medication, blood pressure checks, insulin shots, therapeutic diets, to specialized care plans. Additionally, health centers provide various services like; occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Alternatively, Adult Day Health Centers are not registered to provide these medical services to their attendees as they are centrally focused on the social and recreational aspects of the program. They are solely an opportunity for older adults to get out of the house and socialize while also providing the caregiver time to relax and attend to personal needs. 

4. Respite Care for Caregivers

Taking care of a family member or client on a daily basis can be a full-time job for most, causing one to burn out quickly, losing sight of their own mental health and social life. At times, caregivers feel the need to sacrifice their lives in order to take care of their loved ones. Not only are Adult Day Health Centers accommodating to the loved one, but the center is also an advantage for the caregiver. The program bridges the empty gap in the caregiver’s life, providing the chance to re-energize and take time for themselves. Leaving the caregiver with a sense of relief knowing that their family member is being given quality care in a safe environment minimizes any feeling of guilt and burden. 

Transitioning to Adult Day Health Care

Approaching Dementia Patients on Adult Day Health Centers

It is important to understand that the idea of change, especially to Dementia patients, can cause skepticism, but remember that this is healthy and completely normal. Acknowledge this when proposing an adult day health center program to the client or family member. Reassure them that you are in this together and you’ll preview the center together. A helpful approach to reduce the risk of an immediate “no” to the program is to give them a sense of control by asking if they would prefer to preview the center say, Tuesday or Thursday, rather than you making the final decision. 

Adjusting Dementia Patients to Adult Day Centers

It can take some time for a client or loved one with Dementia to adjust to Adult Day Health Care services. After all, as their routine is altering completely, they need to get comfortable with their new surroundings, peers, and staff. While this initial adjustment period might come off as a bit of a struggle, and your client or loved one might even push back the idea, it is critical to keep in mind the amazing, life-enriching benefits of Adult Day Health Care programs. Eventually, going to the center will be a comfortable part of their routine, a place that they will look forward to and enjoy coming to each and every day.